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MaxReign Technologies CC T/A PEBL Computers
MaxReign Technologies CC T/A PEBL Computers


What is PEBL i.D?

PEBL i.D is available for anyone who wishes to customize their PEBL Product. The i.D, is the smile we have in our logo, but also refers to the iDentity you would like your product to have. 

Most of our products are customizable and if you are not satisfied with the various specifications of our standard models on offer, email us and let us know exactly what you want. 

MORE RAM? We got you... i.D

MORE Storage? We got you... i.D

You want a different panel on your PEBL PC, we have got options for you. 

Let us know by emailing us at and we will contact you with regards to your requirements. 

Things to Remember:

Customization will extend the duration it will take to receive your product, because we have to ensure that your i.D is perfectly assembled and works just as you would want it to. Lead times will be shared with you whenever you place an order.