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MaxReign Technologies CC T/A PEBL Computers
MaxReign Technologies CC T/A PEBL Computers

About Us

The PEBL Way

PEBL Computers is a owned by MaxReign Technologies CC, which was established in 2015.

The PEBL ethos is to deliver versatile, energy efficient and quality computer hardware solutions, which offer an integrated user-experience, providing seamless contemporary convenience for the modern, digitally savvy African consumer.

PEBL aims to become synonymous with the new African culture; rising up with them as a household brand, which delivers access to information through provision of the creative products that meet their unique needs.

Established in 2015 and entered the market in 2016. Our local batch-production assembly line has been operational since April 2019; located in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. 
It is the industrial hub of the local economy and is central to the country and the SADC region.

We Build Experiences

PEBL is a high-tech central processing unit (the brain of a computer system) developed to support all your IT related needs. PEBL is small, portable and radiates elegance.
Performance outclasses bigger desktops and it is built to your distinctive user identity.
Internal and external features, and accessories are selected by each user to define their ideal product identity – making each carefully crafted PEBL unique to its user.

PEBL can be connected to your computer screen, your TV, your mobile phone and any smart devices in your home or office environments.

As every PEBL is built based on its user wants, PEBL propositions what is necessary
(nothing more, nothing less) for users to reach satisfactory usage. We perceive it as a life enabler. It can be a computer when connected to your monitor and keyboard, but also a home management system, a home cinema bundle, a server farm, a boardroom solution, to name just a few.

PEBL is what its users need it to be, in order to run and manage the environment they want and require.

It's What's Inside That Matters...

All computers are made up of the same components. The individuality lies in the arrangement of these components.

In our design process we focused on a novel heat management system. Heat dissipating components are specifically placed relative to our vertical and horizontal vents. Our design solves heating issues of computers in hot African climates.

We have patented our heat management focused design and registered the PEBL trademark with the relevant authorities. Additionally, each PEBL will soon be imbued with an intrinsic touch of Africa in a unique glass top-panel, crafted from sand sourced in Namibia.

We have secured CRAN approval. PEBL conforms to all international computer standards. Currently we are collaborating with the Namibia Standards Institution (NSI) to develop Namibia’s computer products and computer assembly infrastructure standards.

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